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Chapter Meal Plans

Most chapters in Greek Village provide meal plans for resident and non-resident members.  Meal plans enrich the member experience by promoting healthy eating, providing opportunities to practice social skills of dining and conversaion, and can increase a sense of belonging and support to members.  Meal plans generally provide 10 hot meals per week and typically do not include weekends.  Costs for the meal plans can be found on the here and can vary by chapter, by membership status, and by residency in or out of the house.

Frequently Asked Quetions

All chapters, with the exception of Alpha Gamma Rho, have commercial kitchens and provide dining service to resident and non-resident members.

Typically, new members are added to chapter meal plans shortly after the recruitment process begins. New member meal plans vary by chapter and can range from full service (typically 10 hot meals a week) to just a few meals a week.

Any new member who is a first-year student on an NC State Dining meal plan may qualify for a reduction of that meal plan once being added to a qualifying chapter plan. Chapters with a house on campus that serve a minimum of 10 hot meals per week and meet menu and service criteria for sound nutrition, variety, convenience, and cleanliness qualify for this reduction. Please visit the Dining website for more details.

Any student who qualifies for the reduction will receive an email from Fraternity and Sorority Life once they are added to the chapter roster and qualifying meal plan. FSL will share the list of qualifying students with Dining so they can be flagged as eligible. At that time, students will be able to change their plans in the meal plan registration system. Changes should be made by October 15 in the fall and March 1 in the spring. Refunds as a result of the change will be sent to the University Cashier’s Office. Note, the sooner the request to change is made the greater the refund as plans are prorated on a weekly basis.

New members who purchase a non-qualifying meal plan from the chapter and are first-year students living in campus housing are required to maintain an NC State Dining meal plan from the roster of plans available to them, even if they add additional meals from the chapter.

All chapter meal plans are billed through the University Cashier’s Office allowing students to access financial aid, payment plans, and scholarship monies if applicable. Refunds are issued in the same manner and are at the discretion of the chapter house corporation.

All refunds are at the discretion of the house corporation. Contact information is provided. Refunds are not always possible depending on the timing of the resignation depending on existing contracts between the chapter and the food service provider.

Any refund would be issued to the student’s Cashier’s account.

Any new member who resigns must switch back to a core NC State Dining plan.

The chefs who service our kitchens in Greek Village are trained to handle a variety of special dietary needs. Please ask your chapter how best to communicate those needs.

For members whose dietary needs cannot be accommodated, the chapter will define a process to be exempted from the meal plan. Any new member whose dietary needs cannot be met by the chapter meal plan must remain on the full NC State Dining plan.

If there are issues or concerns with your meal plan, please bring them to the attention of the chef, house director, or housing corporation.  Chapter meal plans are administered by the chapter house corporation and issues can be sent to them.  Contact information for the house corporation can be found here.