Community Standards

Living in a residential community is an exciting experience but it also comes with some guidelines to ensure a safe and productive learning community. These policies complement but do not replace NC State’s Policies, Regulations, and Rules (PRR); the Code of Student Conduct; Raleigh laws; state laws; and federal laws. Additional university-wide COVID Community Standards are also in place, until revised or rescinded by NC State senior administration.

Prohibited Items

  • Appliances
    • Heaters
    • Air conditioners
    • Refrigerator/Freezers
    • Washing Machines/Dryers
  • Cooking Related
    • Burners or hot plates
    • Toasters (allowed in apartments only)
    • 3rd Party Listed and Approved coffee makers, popcorn poppers, dehumidifiers, induction cooking surfaces, Instapots, microwave ovens, and air fryers may be used in resident rooms or apartments.
  • Lighting and Electrical
    • Extension cords
    • Lava Lamps
    • Ceiling fans/lights
    • Halogen lamps (any model or style)
  • Room Decorating
    • Waterbeds
  • Weapons and Combustibles
    • Fireworks, explosives, or unsafe chemicals
    • Gasoline, kerosene, etc.
    • Candles, gas/oil lanterns, or any device producing open flames (such as incense and Sterno)
    • Weapons such as firearms (including rifles); ammunition (bullets, shells, etc.); projectile devices (such as bows and arrows); blades (such as swords, switchblades or knives with a blade longer than 5″); or other such devices perceived as weapons.