parkingNC State requires all vehicles on campus to display permits during business hours of 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. Parking lots in Greek Village are permitted by the NC State Department of Transportation and require a “GV” or Greek Village parking permit. All members of fraternities and sororities that reside in Greek Village are eligible to purchase a permit. Please contact NC State Transportation directly to purchase your permit. They can be reached by phone at 919-515-3424. Check out the information below for more details on Greek Village parking and NC State parking permits.

Greek Village will have a unique permit starting in the 2017-2018 academic year. The GV (Greek Village) parking pass is $290 annually. Any Greek Life member may purchase this pass but it is ONLY valid for parking in the Greek Village area.

Students who have a GV Parking Permit will NOT be required to purchase the additional GL (Greek Life) permit that commuting students with Deck Permits (CC, CD, DD, or W) will.

To support and encourage all fraternity and sorority members’ participation in chapter meal plans, to allow for alumnae and advisors to visit houses during the week, and to provide greater service to live-in staff, Transportation has created the GL (Greek Life) permit. Commuting Students with Deck Permits (CC, CD, DD or W) or Fringe (F) Permits for Centennial Campus may purchase a GL permit in addition to their deck permit for $10. This permit will validate their parking in GV for participation in their chapter meal program during permit enforcement times (7am-5pm). Only members of Fraternity and Sorority Life will be eligible to purchase this additional permit. The purpose of this is to eliminate the confusion of meal service at the houses and allow them to spend the night at a house without worrying to get up before 7am to avoid a citation.

Varsity (V) Parking Permits will NOT be honored in Greek Village. Students who purchase a Varsity Permit will NOT be eligible to purchase the GL permit for parking in the Greek Village during meal times. Students wishing to purchase a Varsity Permit must parking in the Varsity lot and walk or use a Wolfline Bus to access their respective house in the Greek Village.

Students that live in another University-Owned residence hall such as Wolf Village, Avent Ferry Complex, Western Manor, and ES King will have a parking permit for their respective building and will NOT be eligible for the additional GL permit. These students will need to use transit or other means to visit the Greek Village between 7 am and 5 pm. Examples of residential parking permits for areas outside of the Greek Village are RV, RF, RH, RE, RW, RC, and RS permits.