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We envision a new partnership between the university and the fraternities and sororities of NC State for future redevelopment of the Greek Court campus neighborhood. We envision a mutually beneficial public-private partnership that will allow for development of a new community.

This new development will enhance our fraternity and sorority chapters by improving housing for members, strengthening our relations with alumni/alumnae, and ensuring a long-term future for our organizations.

  • An attractive Greek Court will serve to support the Greek Community to recruit new members, to increase the number of individuals and chapters for our campus, and to enhance alumni support in the future.
  • Greek Court should become a more active, dynamic place. Increased traffic and visibility will help the University Community to be aware of Greek Court, and the activities held there.
  • The land that has been occupied by Greek chapters for more than 40 years must continue to be available to fraternity and sorority organizations in the future. The development of Centennial Campus and the improvements to Varsity Drive will make the Greek Court area even more attractive to students.
  • Greek Court should be connected to the rest of the University through walkways, bike paths, and roads. The University should view Greek Court as an integral part of the campus, not an isolated area.
  • Greek Court will offer a variety of housing options for NC State fraternities and sororities. Chapters will be able to construct new houses on land leased from NC State, or continue to rent existing renovated houses on Greek Court. There may be a need to construct additional University owned facilities for rental to small organizations.
  • Greek Court should include amenities such as recreational fields and outdoor gathering spaces so that members of fraternities and sororities will have places to come together.
  • The redevelopment of Greek Court may evolve over decades, and should be planned in such a way to allow for gradual change.
  • Greek Court will become the true center of the NC State fraternity and sorority community, with housing options that are attractive to all facets of our community.
  • Greek Court will have new facilities designed to meet the needs of current students and organizations.