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Our Community

Fraternities and sororities continue to be relevant and aligned with the mission of higher education, providing students an opportunity to pursue their potential through several key outcomes:  filling the need to belong, developing the individual’s potential through leadership opportunities and group effort, creating an ever-widening circle of service beyond membership, giving value beyond college years, and uplifting the interests of the communities they serve.  The fraternal experience prepares students with the soft skills to be productive members of their community after graduation.


A very exciting part of fraternity and sorority life at NC State is the social and recreational opportunities. Through a variety of events we provide opportunities to meet and interact with members of fraternities and sororities and other campus organizations. Some of the ways we balance scholarship with fun are:  social events with other chapters, formal dinner dances, philanthropic events,  award banquets, alumni get-togethers, sorority exchange dinners, Homecoming, and intramural sporting events. On average, our chapters interact with alumni 4 times per year, their councils 9 times per year, and chapters of other councils 8 times per year.


Fraternity and Sorority Life offers members numerous leadership opportunities within their chapter, such as executive positions and officers.  The Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life sponsors programs such as:

  • Greek Leaders Retreat
  • Presidents’ Roundtables
  • Officer Training
  • Support for National and Regional Conferences

Members of the fraternity and sorority community at NC State are involved in numerous other campus activities. In fact, approximately 84% of fraternity-and-sorority-affiliated students are involved in outside organizations, many in leadership roles.


Each year, members of the fraternity and sorority community contribute thousands of hours and dollars to local and national charities. During the 2022-2023 academic year, fraternity men and sorority women volunteered a total of 52,028 hours and hosted 150 events to raise $235,376.  Events provide friendly competition and social interaction for fraternities and sororities, for the campus and the surrounding community. More importantly, these events provide opportunities to raise needed funds and assistance for numerous charities. In addition, Chapters have individual projects throughout the year, which involve tutoring/mentoring area youth, collecting food and supplies, and encouraging awareness for a host of different causes.