Fast Facts

mgc-2Fast Facts about the NC State Fraternity and Sorority Community*

  • 49 Organizations: 28 Fraternities and 21 Sororities.
  • 2,878 undergraduate students are fraternity and sorority members. That’s 13% of the undergraduate population at NC State and a 69% increase in membership since 2001!
  • 62% of fraternity and sorority members have a GPA higher than the all-student GPA at NC State.
  • 88% of our students are involved in other campus organizations in addition to their fraternity or sorority membership.
  • Each year, our students average more than 90,000 hours of community service and over $200,000 in charitable donations. Fraternity and sorority members learn and embrace the concept of service every day.
  • 25 organizations maintain a chapter house and 15 live in the NC State University Greek Village.
  • NC State is partnering with our fraternities and sororities in a project to expand Greek Village with new housing options for the future. Phase 1 opened in October 2012 with the first new home, and two additional homes have opened since.  The fourth house of that phase is under design/construction and set to open Fall 2018.  Phase 2 construction began in summer 2015 and will provide two additional lots for construction.  Those homes start construction in Spring 2017 and will open Fall 2018.

* As of January 2017