Uptick in cited vehicles in Greek Village – GL Permit

March 19, 2021

Hello Chapter Members,

Transportation has noticed an uptick in the number of vehicles being cited for parking violations in Greek Village.  Please note, visitor spaces and RD spaces are reserved for staff, services, and alumni and are not intended to support non-resident members on meal plans.  Please keep these spaces open so your chefs, housekeepers, landscape crews, repairmen, etc., have access to parking.  Many staff have received citations because their designating parking spaces are occupied and ultimately that cost is passed on to your organization.

But here’s the good news…

To support and encourage all fraternity and sorority members’ participation in chapter meal plans, allow for alumnae and advisors to visit houses during the week, and to provide greater service to live-in staff, Transportation has created the “GL” (Greek Life) auxiliary parking credential. 

Commuting students who purchase a commuter parking permit (CB, CC, CD, DD, W, or F) may purchase a GL permit in addition to their commuter permit for an additional $10. This credential will validate their parking in GV during permit enforcement times (7 am-5 pm). Only members of Fraternity and Sorority Life will be eligible to purchase this additional credential. The purpose of this credential is to eliminate the confusion of meal service at the houses and allow students to spend the night at a house without worrying to get up before 7 am to avoid a citation. This auxiliary credential is not a stand-alone or independent credential, it must be purchased and used in conjunction with a commuter parking permit (CB, CC, CD, DD, W, or F). Varsity (V) Parking Permits will not be honored in Greek Village. Students who purchase a Varsity Permit will NOT be eligible to purchase the GL permit for parking in the Greek Village during meal times. Students wishing to purchase a Varsity Permit must park in the Varsity lot and walk or use a Wolfline Bus to access their respective house in the Greek Village.

Please see our website transportation.ncsu.edu for more student parking information or campus maps

Questions? Contact Transportation at (919)-515-3424 or ncsu-transportation@ncsu.edu.