Update for Residents of Greek Village for Spring Semester

Hello Greek Village Residents,


We hope this finds you well. As we finish up the fall semester, we are gearing up for next semester according to the newly announced spring 2021 calendar.  Please read this message completely and carefully, as there are some key things to keep in mind during move-out and move-in due to the adjusted calendar and new university COVID-19 testing plans. 


Move-Out Reminders and Recommendations

As a reminder, the houses all close on Wednesday, Nov. 25 at 10 a.m.  With such an extended break, we encourage you to consider taking the majority of your personal items home over the break.  If you choose to leave items, please be sure to lock your door when you check out and make sure your renter’s insurance is up to date.  While we don’t anticipate anything would happen, you can’t predict when a mechanical failure might occur, like water damage from a broken window seal or water pipe or defrosting fridge.  Those things, if found within a day or so, don’t typically result in significant damage.  However, with the houses empty for more than 50 days, and many of our staff taking leave over the holidays, you should consider a cautious approach.


As you think about moving home for winter break, we encourage you to take advantage of COVID-testing and flu vaccinations in Greek Village. All testing/clinics are now consolidated into one location/day of the week. COVID-19 testing and flu vaccines are administered in House 4 – 2501 Fraternity Court each Wednesday, from 9 – 11 a.m. and again from 1:30 – 3:30 p.m and will continue through Nov. 18. Non-resident members are also welcome and no appointments are necessary, just a mask. Parking across the street is not enforced during testing hours to support the effort. Please consider getting tested before you travel home to keep your families as safe as possible. While traveling and once you are home continue to practice the 3 W’s: Wear face coverings, Wait so you are 6 feet distanced from others, and Wash your hands.


Spring Move-In: What to Expect

The first day of classes has been pushed back to Jan. 19.  As such, we are rescheduling move-in.  For those organizations moving to new properties (Beta Theta Pi, Pi Beta Phi, Sigma Kappa, and Zeta Tau Alpha), move-in appointments will begin on Thursday, Jan. 14. For organizations returning, move-in appointments will begin on Saturday, Jan. 16. All appointments will run through Monday, Jan. 18. Appointments slots will open on Dec. 1 through MyPack Portal for you to select a time for move-in that works best for you and your family.


We hope you are excited about campus reopening for the spring semester and on-campus classes resuming.  We know the fall was challenging, particularly with groups needing to quarantine and isolate in place.  We are working with university leadership to develop and deploy strategies to bring students back safely and limit spread inside our facilities.  Here are some things you can expect:

  1. Testing prior to or during move-in (additional information about campus testing forthcoming); 
  2. Ongoing surveillance testing for all residents and staff;
  3. Requiring residents, staff, and guests to wear masks outside of their bedroom;
  4. Non-residents on chapter meal plans will continue to eat outside or take food to go;
  5. Limiting non-essential visitors in chapter facilities;
  6. Providing pathways for residents/chapters to host social and recreational opportunities that are done safely and prevent community spread;
  7. Education of members on preventing the spread of COVID-19; and
  8. Holding accountable any student or organization in violation of community standards.


Ongoing Surveillance Testing

Surveillance testing will continue in a consolidated location for the spring semester.  Our goal is to have ALL of our residents complete regular resting. Ongoing testing and health surveillance allow us to identify people who are contagious early and hopefully in small numbers. That will allow us to take a different approach to quarantine and isolation for spring.  For example, if a student is positive, and the other residents all have tested negative, only the positive student and his/her roommate would need to be isolated and quarantined outside of the facility.  Space is being held on campus for this purpose.  


However, if residents are not participating, we will have limited information to make decisions and may have to make the difficult decision to quarantine the group.  It is our sincere hope to not go down this path again for spring.  In university-owned and operated facilities, we have eliminated quads and triples for the spring semester at no penalty to reduce the impact of quarantine.  For roommates of positive residents that do go into quarantine, we will retest prior to returning to the facility.   This step will help clarify results of ongoing surveillance testing as new vs. previously positive.


Room Agreements for Spring

Because classes shifted to fully online and residence halls closed, we allowed residents to check out of their university-owned/operated facility for the remainder of the fall semester without penalty. At that time, we asked students to hold off on making decisions for spring.  With campus reactivating, residence halls reopening, and classes resuming in-person instruction, we are moving forward with enforcing room agreements for the spring semester.  We understand, however, that some residents will be uncomfortable with that option and may choose to terminate their agreement. Current residents have two options. The first is to outright terminate the agreement.  The termination fee outlined in your room agreement is $3400 for university-owned facilities or one semester’s rent for privately-owned or operated facilities.  The second option is to have someone assume the remainder of your agreement.  We know several new members are excited to move to campus and may be willing to take your place.  If you find a new member or existing member for that matter who is willing to assume your place in the house, the termination fee is only $300. To initiate the process, you must submit a cancellation request through MyPack Portal.  


Living on campus provides important academic access for students, connection to resources on campus, and a sense of community and support. The village has remained at about 81% occupancy throughout the fall semester and now has one of the lowest rates of transmission on or off-campus with less than 1% of those participating in surveillance testing having positive results.  With additional testing and safety measures, we are hopeful we can have a successful spring semester.  We are excited to welcome each of you back to the village in January!