Student Spotlight: Ivana Mbullah

Ivana Mbullah is the National Pan-Hellenic Council President and wanted to reflect on her time at the AFLV/NBGLC 2015 Conference:

“AFLV/NBGLC was a wonderful experience and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to attend this Spring semester. I was able to foster lasting relationships with not only my peers but the facilitators as well. The workshops I attended were extremely informational, yet relatable, and the presenters were phenomenal and inspirational. I also appreciated that every workshop not only spoke about issues, but they also presented action plans.

I was able to leave AFLV/NBGLC with a better understanding of the type of leader I am and how I can use my involvement in my organization to positively influence others in my community. What I gained from that weekend was priceless and I can only hope that I can ignite the same spark to my council and the rest of my Greek community that AFLV/NBLGC ignited within me.”