Phase 2 Begins!

Yes, it’s REALLY happening!  You may have already noticed stakes throughout the center of the court.  Fencing should be going up soon and crews mobilizing!

Fred Smith was awarded the contract to complete infrastructure work for Phase 2.  This Phase will extend Greek Village Drive from behind Alpha Delta Pi to the center of the court and start a new road that will front Lots 19 and 20 of the project.  A diagram of the site is at the end of this email.  The project will take about a year to complete, and construction on new chapter houses should begin shortly after.
There may be disruptions to your path throughout the year.  A new sidewalk will be constructed along the northern edge of Fraternity Court drive to connect with Dan Allen.  This new sidewalk should go in soon as the existing sidewalk between Delta Zeta and Alpha Delta Pi will be closed for much of the project.  The new road will also exit into the parking lot between Lambda Chi and Sigma Kappa, so residents may have periods of time when that parking is off-line.  We will try and provide as much notice as possible.
Working Hours are limited to:
Monday – Friday     8am-6pm
Saturday                 9am-7pm
Sunday                   No work permitted
Fall Recruitment     No work permitted during events
If you experience any problems with respect to hours, workers, or general conditions, please contact Shelly Brown Dobek, Director, or Josh Welch, Associate Director for assistance.  Just as we expect professionalism from our contractor, we are expecting each organization and members to respect the project bounds.  Please do not remove stakes, relocate fencing, cross into restricted areas, throw trash across fences, etc.  Doing so could be dangerous, cause delays, and is certainly disrespectful.  Remember the progress of Phase 2 impacts later phases and ultimate completion of the project.
We will continue to send out updates as more information becomes available.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we transform Greek Village!