Panhellenic Association raises $33k for new school

The sorority women of the Panhellenic Association have been working with the Circle of Sisterhood and buildOn throughout the academic year to complete fundraising necessary to build a school in Nicaragua.  A total of $33,000 was donated to the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation, a non-profit organization founded and powered by sorority women on a mission to remove education barriers for girls and women facing poverty and oppression, to fund the school build.  A team of 15 just recently returned from La Linda Vista, a small, remote village outside of El Cua, where they completed the groundbreaking ceremony for the school and spent several days digging footers, building rebar, digging a latrine and mixing cement.  Afternoons were spent in cultural workshops where the women learned to make local foods, worked alongside coffee farmers caring for crops, and engaged in dialogue with the local women — exploring differences and similarities the groups shared. Living with the local residents, the women experienced life without luxuries like running water or electricity for seven days and gained a new appreciation for what it means to have access to education.  The women returned grateful for their opportunities and committed to continue to make a difference in the lives of girls and women.