New Testing Site for FSL Community opens Monday

We are excited to make way for the next phase of construction in Greek Village.  As you come through, you’ll notice the construction trailer and fencing in place outlining the areas of impact.  That work includes the demolition of our testing site used to date, so we have MOVED to a new location and are ready to see you all next week!
The graduate students from CNR/FER have relocated elsewhere on campus and we are grateful for their flexibility so we can continue to provide a proximate location for residents and a convenient location with FREE parking for those off-campus to pop in.

Driving: type in the address 1509 Varsity Drive
Walking – it’s on the corner of Leadership Drive and Varsity Drive so if you live near Alpha Gamma Rho, walk south on Varsity and if you’re closer to Delta Gamma, walk south/southwest on Leadership Drive.  There are some trees between the village and the site but promise, it’s really close and walkable.


Parking is free, but it is an unmarked gravel lot.  There are cones to keep you from driving over the grass (there are pipes just below ground).  If it’s raining, wear shoes with gravel in mind.  Please park with courtesy for others.  Pack in tight (but not too tight) so everyone can fit without dinging their neighbor.

Once onsite, please enter using the RAMP and not the stairs.  You will see a large Tuffy at the correct door.  Because our facility is smaller, we will use the ramp to cue folks waiting (weather permitting) if we are at capacity indoors.

Thank you to those who completed the survey about testing from 8-10.  For now we are going to continue to offer early morning hours.  We are only able to do so if we can staff our site with volunteers.  We are soooo grateful for those of you who have already volunteered.  Thank you thank you thank you!
See you next week!  Please remember:

  • If you plan to go home or travel this semester, 
    • get tested before you go so we are protecting those we love and get tested as soon as you get back to reduce the number of days between tests if you are gone more than a couple of days.  
    • if you are a resident of Greek Village and won’t be living at the house for longer than 7 days, you NEED to communicate with your CRD or House Director so we can provide an exemption from testing, plan for reentry testing, and avoid non-compliance/possible eviction.  
  • Also a big WELCOME to the newest members of the FSL community which are added for next week.  If you aren’t already part of a cohort getting tested, please join us in Greek Village.

Keep up the good work.  Remember, the goal is NOT for testing to be a punitive exercise – rather an opportunity for you to have the most information to make the best decisions to limit community spread.  Our campus remains less than 2% positive so it seems as if testing is having a very positive impact on reducing community spread and helping the city, state, and campus return to more normal operations.  Good luck with midterms and the last 90 days of the semester!  

Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life
P: 919-513-2910

NC State University
Campus Box 7345
Talley Student Union 5261
Raleigh, NC 27695