Fall 2020 Move-in

Fall 2020 Move-in

Moving into your organization’s house is an exciting time for everyone.  We are happy to have you back on campus and join us in the Greek Village.  We will do our very best to make the move-in process as smooth and easy as possible.

The Academic calendar has been adjusted, with classes for the Fall semester beginning on Monday, August 10, 2020.

Move-in will implement a phased move-in process between July 31 and August 9 in order to minimize the number of students and families moving in at any single time.  

Fall 2020 Greek Village Move-in

  • Fall move-in will be held July 31 – August 9 by appointment only.  July 31 – August 4 for sororities and August 5 – August 9 for fraternities.  Move-in appointments will occur in 1-hour time blocks.  Sign up for appointment times will begin July 7.
  • Additional information about the move-in appointment registration process will be available on July 7th.  Residents will receive additional information by email, and details will be posted on this website.
  • Make sure to bring a Photo ID (NC State student ID, driver’s licence, or passport), which you will need for Check-in.
  • Residents are asked to limit the number of people coming with you to assist with move-in to no more than two (2) people.
  • Masks and other CDC recommendations (frequent hand-washing, etc.) will be expected during the move-in process. Note that wearing of face coverings (masks) is required on NC State’s campus, effective July 1, 2020.

Move-in Instructions

We are so excited to welcome you back to Greek Village!  Please read this message in its entirety as there are details about move-in you need to be aware of as you plan. To promote COVID-19 safety, Fraternity and Sorority Life will strive to provide a move-in experience that is as contactless as possible, following a similar process to University Housing residents. 

Before you Arrive

  1. Sign up for your move-in appointment.  Move-in is by appointment only.  Appointments are available in 1 hour time slots between 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. each day from July 31 – August 5 for sororities and August 5 – August 9 for fraternities.  
    1. Log into MyPackPortal and go to the Housing Portal
    2. Select Manage My Housing which is located in the red navigation bar
    3. Select Fall Move-in Appointments
    4. Hit the Save and Continue Button
    5. Select your move-in appointment
    6. Once you select your appointment, you will be asked to confirm it
    7. Once you confirm your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email sent to your ncsu.edu email address

Note: You can edit your scheduled appointment up to 24 hours before your selected     appointment time. 

    1. Plan your route to campus:  Parking enforcement will be suspended during the move-in process.  But you must be parked in a designated parking spot that is reserved (no handicap or RD parking spots).  Please note that all of campus will be moving in during this time, so plan your route accordingly with potential traffic delays (especially on August 8-9 with private apartment complexes on Hillsborough arriving at that time).  
    2. Be aware of what to/what not to bring All students must bring their Student ID and a mask with them.  We want you to make your space on campus feel like home while remaining safe, so be sure to review the NC State Suggested Packing List.  We also suggest you bring a tarp or some type of large covering with you to help protect belongings during the move-in process in case of rain.  

Safety Measures

    1. In order to create a move-in experience that is as contactless as possible, NC State staff and volunteers will not be able to move student belongings this year. Please plan accordingly.
    2. Each student is limited to no more than two (2) people to assist them with move-in. 
    3. Maintain physical distancing throughout the move-in process. 
    4. Masks are required on campus at all times.  You and your move-in assistants should bring a mask with you and be prepared to wear them.  
    5. Hand sanitizer stations will be placed at multiple entrances into the chapter house.  There will also be one in the dining room as the residents enter the service line.  It is an expectation that each time a resident enters the facility or service line that they use hand sanitizer.  
    6. Limit the number of people in an elevator to just yourself and your two move-in assistants (if applicable). 
    7. Any furniture brought into the facility should be solid service or new with tags/wrapping.  This will help us ensure that spaces remain cleanable and that furniture brought in is not contaminated.  

Move-in Day

    1. Getting checked in to your chapter house:  Check in with your Chapter Resident Director or House Director at your house.  You will need your Student ID when you check-in, so please make sure you have it with you.  
    2. Face Masks:  We will distribute the council branded mask to each resident as  you check in, but please be courteous and wear a personal mask prior.  Masks were ordered for EVERY resident regardless of whether or not you ordered one.

Upon arrival

    1. Your vehicle will need to be unloaded by any move-in assistant you may bring to campus with you.
    2. If you were able to snag a prime spot next to the house, please relocate your car as soon as you are unloaded.  Your brothers or sisters  would appreciate the proximate access when it is their turn.

After Move-in  

  1. Spirit/work Week:  You should not be expecting a normal spirit/work week this year.  Most, if not all, of the preparation for recruitment will be taking place virtually.  Some work may happen in person for those living in the chapter house.  Please check with your chapter for their full schedule.  

As a university we do all we can to make navigating campus and getting through the check-in process as smooth and efficient as we can. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. 

If you have questions regarding your arrival to campus or the move in process, check out our resources online at https://fsl.dasa.ncsu.edu/live/fall-2020-move-in/ or email fsl-department@ncsu.edu. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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