Jan. 13 Updates to COVID Isolation Guidelines – Greek Village

Members of Organizations housed in Greek Village,

As the highly infectious Omicron variant continues to spread, we are shifting university resources to help best support our community. If you are instructed to isolate following a positive COVID-19 test, we strongly encourage you to do so at a permanent residence for the period of isolation. 

If you cannot isolate at a permanent residence, effective immediately, all on-campus residents will isolate in their on-campus housing assignment, including those in Greek Village. This means: 

  • Residents who test positive will remain in their on-campus housing space. 
  • Residents staying in their assignment are expected to remain in their bedroom area and wear a face covering as much as possible, especially when leaving the room to go to the bathroom or to pick up food from the servery. 
  • Residents in isolation can continue to use their in-house meal service and can order from delivery services as needed.  Masks should be worn at all times when picking up food and meals consumed in your room during the period of isolation. 
  • Non-resident members can continue to use their in-house meal service but should physically distance themselves to the extent possible.  Masks should only be removed while actively eating or drinking.  
  • Roommates will not be required to quarantine immediately, regardless of vaccination or booster status. We encourage roommates to test three days after their roommate tests positive, wear a face covering as much as possible, and practice physical distancing when feasible.  If you are more comfortable going to your permanent residence while your roommate is isolating in your room, you can certainly do so.

Any students already placed in isolation, or who left campus to return to their permanent residence should remain in place until their isolation period ends and are cleared by SHS to return to the on-campus assignment.

Please do not feel ashamed or embarrassed if you test positive. The Omicron variant spreads rapidly, and even careful individuals may become infected. It is important to get tested if you believe you have been exposed and to monitor for even the mildest symptoms. 

Testing is available on campus: See testing locations and hours here. ​​Be sure to report any off-campus positive tests immediately by uploading the results to the HealthyPack Portal. If you test on campus, you do not need to upload results. 

We will continue to do our best to provide support to all of our residents during this time. Thank you for understanding and doing your part to help Protect the Pack.

Fraternity and Sorority Life