Hagan to speak at IFC New Member Insititute

Interfraternity Council will be hosting their annual New Member Institute on Sunday, November 8th, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Mountain Ballroom of the Talley Student Union. This year’s featured keynote is provided by David B. Hagan, graduate of NC State and alum of Kappa Alpha Order.  David is is President and founder of Life Brothers, LLC. The event will include over 300 new members from all 20 member IFC fraternities. 

Life Brothers® – The Quest for Excellence® (“Life Brothers®”) is a life coaching program aimed at promoting personal excellence. Contrary to a typical mentor program that establishes a rigid student-teacher relationship, Life Brothers® strives to create an environment that fosters mutual learning and encourages habits for success. David intentionally avoided the use of the word “Mentor” as that implies one teacher and one student. Life Brothers® is truly a two-way street where both Life Brothers® can learn from each other and grow in the process. Regardless of any age differences, each Life Brother® has life experiences and personal wisdom to share.

Life Brothers® is based upon the premise that in order to really succeed, men need to focus on self-mastery. If we have issues that are causing negative self-talk or that are holding us hostage, then we are not able to function at our best. We are prisoners in cells of our own creation. The only way to release ourselves is to discuss our problem with a trusted friend. In doing so, we will realize everyone has issues and will free ourselves from the burden of carrying our problem alone.

The program asks new members to invite their Life Brother® into their life and into their heart and enjoy the Brotherhood that endures all.  We are our Brother’s Keeper and want to help each other be healthy, happy, safe and successful.