Greek Village Testing

(Sent to all members of Organizations housed in Greek Village on 9/4, updated schedule 9/6)

We are excited to see the Greek Village reopen and continue to provide a home to our affiliated students.  As we reopen, we are hopeful we can move forward in a manner where residents remain healthy and adhere to the university’s COVID-19 community standards, and operations in your chapter house continue without interruption.

In order to do that, we need your buy-in and participation. The university is providing testing, at no cost to students, on a regular basis moving forward.  Student Health Services (SHS) will be visiting your chapter house every other week to test students who either tested negative during our previous round of testing (8/18 – 8/25) or who were not tested.  Students who tested positive do not need to be retested.  If you tested positive off-site, please submit those results through self-reporting asap so SHS can remove your name from the testing program.  Students who have tested positive for COVID in the past could continue to test positive for up to 45 days as the virus may still be present but no longer infectious.  Early studies have shown those students are not at risk for contracting COVID a second time for up to 90 days.  Our residents who were negative, however, are still at risk while in congregate housing.  Our hope, through rigorous testing and continued self-reporting, is that we can quickly isolate a positive case without the need to quarantine/isolate the entire group/facility.

We are also hopeful that rigorous testing will bring residents, members, parents, service providers, and house corporations peace of mind that students are safe and well cared for.  While we are not requiring students to be tested, testing may prevent further group quarantine/isolation in the future.  Therefore, we encourage all residents to participate so they can make informed decisions about their health and take precautions to prevent spread among the chapter house.  To add further peace of mind, we are working with SHS to explore the possibility of providing flu shots for residents while onsite and allowing all members of the organization to participate along with residents.  Groups like Athletics have utilized this testing strategy for months to increase confidence that practice and competition can continue safely.

Here is the schedule for testing:

Week 1 – Starting September 8
Tuesday Wednesday 
9:00am – 11:00am Sigma Phi Epsilon Kappa Kappa Gamma
Alpha Delta Pi Sigma Nu
1:00pm – 3:00pm Delta Gamma Delta Zeta
Kappa Delta Sigma Kappa
Week 2 – Starting September 15
Tuesday Wednesday 
9:00am – 11:00am Beta Theta Pi Pi Beta Phi
Theta Chi Kappa Alpha
1:00pm – 3:00pm Kappa Alpha Theta Lambda Chi Alpha
Zeta Tau Alpha


If you miss testing at your chapter house, please schedule an appointment at Student Health Services.  Your results will be added to the group results continuing to increase the likelihood we would not have active cases resulting in group quarantine/isolation.  

In an effort to accommodate all students remaining on campus, SHS is now increasing testing capacity.  Testing will be performed behind the Student Health building (parking lot side). Testing at Student Health Services is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  To schedule an appointment for testing please refer to this information.  It is important that students get tested through SHS rather than at an off-campus testing facility to reduce wait time and avoid duplicate reporting to the Wake County Health Department.  

In addition to testing, it is important to remember the value of self-reporting.  If you feel unwell, please schedule an appointment with SHS immediately.  Do not wait for your next round of testing at the chapter house.  In addition, let your House Director or CRD know immediately so we can offer alternative housing while you wait for test results.  If you are negative, you will be allowed to return to the facility.  

With the cold and flu season approaching, we are likely to see symptoms that are similar to those produced by COVID.  We need to rely on early reporting, not hiding, to keep our community safe.  In many cases, we had to quarantine entire facilities in August because members remained in the facility for several days after becoming symptomatic or testing positive.

I hope we can all agree that the past several weeks are not ones we would like to repeat.  We simply cannot be in a place where we are closing every chapter house in Greek Village every other week. It is too much stress on you and your families.  It is too disruptive to your academic progress. It has brought scrutiny and fed harmful narrative. It is just unsustainable.

We hope you will see this as positive and preventative.  Continue to wear your mask, maintain social distance, keep chapter spaces below occupancy, and wash your hands frequently. Together we can finish this semester by continuing to protect ourselves and the rest of the ‘Pack!