Phase 2 of Greek Village is Underway

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Greek Village project was held on February 22, 2008.  With Phase 1 of the project nearly completed after taking some time to recover from the economic downturn, we are ready to move on to Phase 2 (shown in yellow).


Design work began more than a year ago, and the scope of the project has continued to be refined to value engineer the Phase.  The project went to bid in September, and on October 8th, the bid process was complete.  A contractor was selected, and the University issued notice to proceed to Fred Smith on January 28th.  The project is scheduled to be completed in 365 days.

Phase 2 will bring on two additional lots for chapters to build new homes and will complete another piece of the Greek Village drive.  Names for the new road that will connect Greek Village Drive to Varsity have been submitted to the City of Raleigh and we eagerly await approval.

Phase 2 chapter homes are anticipated to start construction after infrastructure work is completed in January of 2017 and be ready for occupancy in the Fall of 2018.

phase 2 infrastructure


Interfraternity Council welcomes you to The Pack!

Students who get involved early in their time in college are more likely to stay in school, and be more successful. Interfraternity Council men, for example, are 3% more likely to graduate than unaffiliated men and over ⅓ are Dean’s List students. A sense of belonging and community is critical to collegiate success, and while we may be a bit biased about the value of the Fraternity experience, we recommend you stop by the Fair to see some of the opportunities to develop this sense of community at State.

Panhellenic Association welcomes you to the Pack!

Welcome to NC State! We are so excited to meet you at orientation and introduce you to your future home. It is also our privilege to introduce you to the sorority recruitment experience – the process by which we hope you will find your place in the Pack. We take pride in the unique and intimate connection each member makes with her chapter and the women in it.  Panhellenic Sororities are truly a place where you can empower, lead, and belong!