Greek Assessment

Did you notice the Greek Assessment on your fall cashier’s bill?  The Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life worked with students leaders for about 2 years to determine the best way to expand staffing and programming for the community. Through forums like Greek Leaders Retreat and Chapter Presidents meetings we gathered feedback about what kind of support was needed, and then presented proposal back to student leaders on what it would take to make that a reality. Letters of support from each council president were submitted in 2014 to university administrators during the approval process for the assessment of members each semester.  Any increase of that assessment is reviewed by student leaders for feedback prior to university approval. The assessment is currently $50/member/semester. We’ve been excited to add two new staffing positions to our Department and increase our programming budget to better serve students.

We rely on chapter rosters and bill accordingly. So if you will not continue membership with your organization, you need to contact the chapter or our department to update membership paperwork to avoid future billing. Any roster changes made after the first day of classes each semester will be reflected on the next cycle. Billing will occur at the same time as tuition is billed for each fall and spring semester for all enrolled members of the organizations (early July for fall and early November for spring) so chapters should update rosters with those dates in mind. New members will be billed for both the current semester at the end of their membership process (October/November if they join in fall and April/May if they join in spring). Refunds are only issued if the department made a billing error.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.