Directive to Isolate

(Sent to residents as their house was isolating)

You are receiving this notice because you have either tested positive or are symptomatic and have had direct contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.  Because of the number of members in your chapter house that have tested positive or are presumed positive, you are directed to isolate in place. By isolating in place, you are helping protect the health and safety of others in the community. 

All members who have tested negative AND are asymptomatic have been encouraged to go home to continue quarantine. Those who have tested positive should remain in isolation in the house.

This isolation period begins today, _____, and will end when you are cleared by Student Health Services.  It is important to note, however, that the facility will not reopen until all members who left have completed isolation/quarantine, and all residents in place are 10 days past the onset of symptoms, symptoms are improving and are fever-free. 

In short, do not leave the house until you have received confirmation from the university. Others should not return to the house until directed by the university. 

A continued medical evaluation will determine when isolation/quarantine is lifted. If you leave isolation/quarantine for any reason other than to receive medical care, your isolation/quarantine period could be impacted 

During the isolation period, you must restrict contact with others, are not allowed to have visitors, and must remain within your house at all times.  Being in isolation keeps others safe. Those who have tested positive whether or not they are ill are likely still infectious for a 7-10 day period of time.  

You may only leave your house for health care or a medical emergency. Use of a porch or balcony is permitted if it is on the 2nd story or an approved area where deliveries do not occur with regularity (mail, packages, meals, etc.)  If you are sick or symptomatic, you should stay in your room and rest/recover as you would with any other illness. Others who are positive may be asymptomatic. 

Every member of the Wolfpack has the responsibility to act in accordance with all university policies and guidelines, including the Community Standards that have been developed specifically for the COVID-19 pandemic. Your compliance with this isolation directive is a part of these Community Standards, and failure to abide by or follow this directive could subject you to disciplinary or administrative action.  

Per State health requirements, the Chapter House has been reported to the Wake County Health Department and the State Health Department as a cluster. Isolation is enforceable by both entities.  It is important to remember that while the location is being provided for isolation, the directive to isolate is specific for and applies to the person, not the facility. Any student who has gone home must isolate/quarantine as directed in that location. 

Remember, being a part of the Pack means we are accountable together, and we take responsibility for our own health, decisions, and the protection of others. We collectively work to help keep the NC State community safe from the spread of COVID-19, so that we all can continue our time on campus and all the benefits and resources that it has to offer.  

Further instructions in relation to the quarantine are provided below.  



  • Do not ask friends, family, or anyone to bring you food.  
  • If you have an in-house meal plan, continued meal service will be provided by your house corporation and extended to include weekends.  
  • If you do not have a meal plan, NC State Dining can provide you with meals at a cost of $15/day. 
  • Do not order food from restaurants, GrubHub, UberEats, or other food delivery services without expressed permission. Delivery of catering for the group at mealtimes is allowed if the House Corporation is supplementing meal service. Any exceptions must be approved in advance by Fraternity and Sorority Life. 

Entry Into Your Space by University or private service providers 

Residents in isolation are not permitted to have guests or visitors or to leave the space (except for medical emergencies).  If a university or private service provider must enter your space, residents must follow a specific entry protocol. The protocol includes: 

  • A service provider will announce their arrival and the need to enter your space.
  • Place a mask over your nose and mouth. 
  • If the work is in the common area or bathroom, every resident will need to return to isolate in their bedroom and until the work is completed.
  • If the work is in your bedroom, you will need to leave the bedroom area and isolate in another space until the work is completed. 
  • Remain in the isolated space with the door closed until given an all-clear by the entering service provider.  


For Emergencies:

  • In the event of an emergency, contact NC State University Police by calling 919.515.3000 and inform them that you are staying in isolation housing. Provide them with your specific room number.  State your emergency.  University personnel will respond as appropriate.
  • If there is a facilities issue in your space, please check in with your House Director or Chapter Resident Director.  If the issue is not able to be resolved, note that Fraternity and Sorority Life may require that you move to another isolation space within Fraternity and Sorority Life while repairs are being made.


Support During Self-Isolation :


If you have questions, please connect with your Chapter Resident Director or House Director.  Again, leaving isolation is only allowed for medical emergencies.